Eyebrow Microblading

New Client Eyebrow Microblading $600

$100 deposit is required to schedule consultation,
this goes towards the $600.
The remaining $500 can be broken into two payments of $250.
Includes numbing and aftercare products.
Does not include a 6-8 week follow up ($100)

Custom quotes built per clients unique concerns *
Please email photos of brows to channing@chanartistry.com

Touchup Pricing

1-4 Month Touchup (one appointment) - $125
4-8 Month Touchup (one appointment) - $250
8-12 Month Touchup (one appointment) - $375
12-16 Month Touchup (two appointments) - $500

*If you have never seen Channing before, or have seen someone else since you last saw Channing, and you are in need of a touchup, please email photos of your brows to channing@chanartistry.com