Post-Procedure Care Instructions

1. Read instructions carefully.
2. Follow instructions diligently.
3. Always ask questions if you have them.

DO NOT use any retinols or glycolic acids while healing
DO NOT use peroxide or neosporin on treated skin

DO NOT scrub or pick treated areas
DO NOT expose treated areas to sun or indoor tanning
DO NOT go swimming or sit in a sauna


Day 1: If there is any swelling, apply a cool pack (not ice) to the area.
Days 1-3: Keep area clean, splash water, but do not wash with soap.
Days 1-7: Avoid eye makeup, apply thin layer or aftercare product, blot excess with a clean tissue.
Thereafter: Wash with gentle cleanser, you may apply eye makeup, but must use new mascara.


Days 1-3:

  • Keep brows as dry as possible: no long hot steamy showers, face away from shower stream.
  • Avoid heavy exercise (sweating) and swimming.
  • Put a clean pillowcase on your pillow & keep pets out of bed.
  • Do not sit in front of a campfire, and keep vehicle windows closed.
  • Keep out of the sun! Make use of hats, sunglasses & the visor in your vehicle.

Days 3-7:

  • You may now splash water on your face and shower normally, but do not use soap yet.
  • You may resume with your normal workout regimen.
  • Continue to be careful with sun exposure.


  • You may now wash (not scrub) your brows with a gentle cleanser, apply a daily moisturizer with SPF, and apply makeup to your brows if you feel you need to.

Throughout the entire healing process do your best to keep sweat, soap, shampoo, cosmetics,
makeup, moisturizers, lotions, topical skin treatments, tanning solution, chlorine water, salt water, dirty hair,
dirty hands and direct sun exposure from coming into contact with the treated area.