Baby Liner $300
A very thin liner within the base
of the eyelashes.

Classic Eyeliner $400
A liner that is visible above the
base of the eyelashes.

Winged Eyeliner $500
A liner with a small upturn at the
outer corner of the eye.

Smudged Eyeliner $600
A liner with soft powdery edges.

Lower Eyeliner $150

Exquisite Eyebrows

Powder Brows $600
A soft filled in brow, much like what it looks like to apply brow powder. Great for oily skin.

Ombre Brows $600
Much like the powder brows but with the beginning of the brow starting out very light, and gradually building into a more defined brow throughout the body, arch and tail. 

Microstroke Brows $700
A soft natural look,
much like microblading, but lasts longer. 

Hybrid Brows $800
A combination of Powder/Ombre and Microstroke Techniques

Luscious Lips $800

($100 deposit - $350 at consult - $350 at initial - $0 at follow up)

2 services 10% Off - 3 services 20% Off

Annual Color Boost $400