$750 Includes:

Your 30 minute, in person Consultation
Your two hour long interactive Initial Microblading Procedure
Your one hour long Follow Up appointment 4-6 weeks later
And always includes numbing as well as your aftercare kit!

Your total is broken up into three separate payments:

$100 to reserve your appointments
$325 after your consultation
$325 after your Initial Procedure

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Microblading Pricing Breakdown

A 30 minute in person consultation is required before your Initial Microblading Appointment
in order to do a patch test for sensitivities & allergies, this is included in our Microblading pricing.

A non-refundable deposit of $100 is required to reserve your appointments, this deposit counts towards your service.

Your Initial Microblading appointment and Follow-up Appointment at 4 weeks is $750
*$100 paid to book appointments, $325 due at consultation and $325 due at the Initial Microblading appointment*

Microblading Maintenance Appointments

*Touch-Up appointments are as needed*
** Touch-Ups are not included in your Initial Microblading price**

1-3 months after initial microblading $100
3-6 months after initial microblading $200
6-12 months after initial microblading $300
Annual Touchup $400 (12-15 months)
Past 15 months pricing goes back to the Initial price of $750


Microblading over conventional tattoos: 
*This is a semi-permanent solution to a permanent problem*

1 Initial Microblading and 2 Follow-Up Appointments at 4 & 8 weeks $1000
*$200 paid to book appointments, $200 due at consultation, $200 at Initial Microblading appointment & $200 at each followup appointment*

Pricing for Touching Up Microblading done by another artist is determined at consultation.

Wildflower Beauty Lounge's Microblading 

We’ve all heard the old adage “brows are sisters, not twins.” Why isn’t symmetry a good thing when it comes to eyebrows?

Well, Because no one’s face is symmetrical! Meaning that your bone structure and facial features are different from side to side.
And a symmetrical face is not as appealing as you might think! Check out these symmetrical celebrity experiments!

So if your facial features revel in their asymmetrical glory, shouldn’t your brows too? 

That’s why Channing does not use stamps, stencils, or the golden ratio when designing and microblading eyebrows.

With the hairstroking method we get an extremely natural looking brow enhancement, that is nearly undetectable.
And for those looking for a more defined look, the soft-tap method can be used to create a more solid,
yet soft and powdery effect in the brow. And the two methods can be blended to get the perfect custom look.