What to Expect from Your Healing Process


Day 1-2: Swollen and pink, like you’ve been crying
Day 3: Swelling decreases with a tight feeling. Dried excess pigment & lymph fluid begin to lift away from skin.
Day 4: There is a slight pinching feeling, some slight itching and flaking. DO NOT PICK AT IT!
Day 5: Blinking movement of the eye usually removed all the excess pigment by this day.
                 The color is dull and will clarify to full color in a few more days.


Day 1: Redness will subside within a few hours, blot with a fresh tissue if weeping lymph fluid.
Days 1-4: The pigment will seem dark to you, DO NOT try to wash or scrub them to remove pigment.
Days 4-10: The skin may start to flake, peeling from the outer edges first. DO NOT PULL FLAKES OFF!!! Itching is normal, do not scratch!
Days 10-21: Your brows will seem to have disappeared! The pigment appears dull, they will clarify into their full color soon.
Days 21-30: By this time your pigment has come back! You can now see how much pigment has healed into your skin,
and what needs to be touched up at your 6-8 week follow-up appointment.

* If you experience anything that is not listed above, please email photos and details to info@chanartistry.com