Waxing FAQ

If there is one thing we have found true about waxing over the years, it's that people have a lot of questions about it. If you have a question we haven't answered here please feel free to email us! There will also be a blog entry for most of these topics.

Does waxing hurt?

While there is a level of discomfort to most hair removal methods, a lot of people are surprised at how bearable waxing can be. And since everyone has different levels of pain tolerance there are many options to choose from to make the experience more comfortable.

Isn’t getting a Brazilian wax awkward or embarrassing?

Your first wax may seem awkward or embarrassing for you, but trust us, we have been waxing for quite some time, it’s not awkward for us. We do our best to make you comfortable.

How long do I need to grow my hair out?

If you’ve been shaving the hair you wish to have waxed, we recommend letting the hair grow for two weeks. The majority of the hair should be more than a quarter of an inch long, closer to a half and inch is better. If you haven’t touched the hair you wish to wax in a while, please trim the hair to between one half inch and one whole inch. Your waxer can do it if they must, but would rather not release loose hair into the facilities, as it is difficult to keep contained, thereby compromising the sanitation of the treatment space for other clients.

How often do you recommend getting waxed?

Every 3 to 6 weeks depending on your hair growth. There are a lot of factors that can alter this amount of time. Diet, exercise, sleep, and stress can affect the speed of regrowth. Many people find that different seasons of the year, and even moving from one region to another can change regrowth speed. Another factor is your preference, some people don’t mind waiting, while others just cannot.

Will my hair grow back thicker and darker?

There is no reason to believe that hair would grow back thicker and darker after being pulled from the root. Check our blog for a full explanation of why that just won't happen.

Can I get waxed while on my period?

You sure can. While some women find that they are physically more sensitive while menstruating, others feel that it’s worth it to stick with their waxing schedule, even if it means a wax falls on their period. The reason being that the more time passes, the more hair growth, the more uncomfortable a wax can be.

Would you recommend getting my first wax right before a special event?

We do not. It is best to start on a consistent waxing schedule up to three months before a special occasion. First, you do not know how your skin will react to your first wax. Second, your post wax results will be more satisfactory after your third or fourth wax due to the three growth cycles of your hair.

Can I wax while pregnant?

Absolutely! While pregnancy hormones can bring about a different waxing experience than you’re used to, it’s completely safe to wax while pregnant and even makes more sense than shaving as it can get difficult to see and feel your way around down there after a while. It’s completely up to you on how far into the pregnancy you want to continue waxing, many women wax all the way up to the last month of pregnancy.

How long after birth should I wait before returning to wax?

It depends on a few things. If you had a C-section, the incision will need at least 6 weeks to heal. You may find the scar remains sensitive or it can actually even be numb! Everyone is different, you may prefer to have your waxer work around your scar, it’s completely up to you! - If you had a vaginal birth without tearing, it’s at your discretion as to when you’re ready to get back to waxing. If you tore, you probably want to follow the same advice for waxing after a C-section.

Can I bathe soon after a wax?

You are free to shower after a wax, using just water or gentle soap on the areas waxed. Please don't sit in a bath for at least 12 hours after your wax.

Can I go swimming right after getting waxed?

Please don’t! Your waxer takes great care to keep your service sanitary. Your follicles are open after waxing and can become infected if you go swimming right after. Waiting at least 12 hours is recommended.

Can I work out right after a wax?

It's best not to. Like swimming, your follicles are open after a wax and are more susceptible to the invasion of bacteria, so staying as cool and dry as possible is recommended. The skin can also be sensitive after a wax and should be spared any added friction.

Can I have sex right after a Brazilian wax?

You shouldn't for the same reasons you shouldn't take a bath, swim or workout after a wax. 

Can I tan before and after waxing?

Give your skin a break 24 hours before and after waxing from responsibly exposing your skin to natural or unnatural UV rays.

What can I do about ingrown hairs?

There are several tips for managing ingrown hairs. Consistent wax appointments and a commitment to exfoliating are all that most people need to keep their ingrown hairs in check. Our blog will have a more in depth explanation of what ingrown hairs are, what causes them and more tips for eliminating them.

Can I contract an STD from Brazilian waxing?

There is much controversy over this matter, but nothing proving that it is possible to contract an STD from Brazilian waxing. It is well known however that if a Waxer is double dipping wax applicators, they can spread bacterial and viral skin infections between clients. Make sure that your salon of choice is not putting you and others at risk by cutting their costs. WAX IS NOT HOT ENOUGH TO KILL BACTERIA.