You Can Have Your Truly Custom Eyebrows With Microblading!

Why Choose Wildflower?

A Safe & Sanitary Establishment

  • A sealed, certified sterilized, fully disposable hand tool is opened up in front of each client, at each visit. After each visit, the hand tool is disposed of responsibly in a medical grade sharps container. 
  • Our Brow Artist is certified in the prevention of cross contamination of Blood Borne Pathogens.
  • Our 30 minute in person consultation gives us a chance to go over your medical history as well as administer a 24 hour patch test to screen for potential negative reactions to the products that will be placed in your skin.

A Comfortable & Interactive Experience

  • Each client is always thoroughly numbed, before and during the procedure.
  • You see the design of your brows and have the chance to make changes before the procedure begins, and your artist will let you take a peek several times throughout. 
  • Our Brow Artist takes a conservative approach to start, after all, you can always add more once you've become more comfortable with the changes we've made.

Get Truly Custom Results

  • At Chan Artistry, we do not use stamps, stencils or the golden ration when designing your brows. 
  • You are going to wake up everyday to see yourself in the mirror, it's extremely important to us that you like what you see. We don't just give you what we want to give you. 
  • Wether it's an enhancement of your existing brows or making something out of nothing, we can make your brow dreams come true!


Conveniently located just off of Interstate Highway 35 just north of downtown Austin, Texas. Many of our clients drive in from all over the state of Texas to have their brows transformed by our Brow Artist, Channing Jackson.

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$750 Includes:

  • Your 30 minute, in person Consultation
  • Your two hour long interactive Initial Microblading Procedure
  • Your one hour long Follow Up appointment 4-6 weeks later
  • And always includes numbing as well as your aftercare kit!

Your total is broken up into three separate payments:

  • $100 to reserve your appointments
  • $325 after your consultation
  • $325 after your Initial Procedure

Austin's Brow Artist

Channing Jackson was born and raised in Austin, and has been a Licensed Esthetician in the State of Texas since 2006. 

In December of 2015, Channing discovered a service new to Austin, Texas, called Eyebrow Microblading. She instantly fell in love and knew that this service would be the ultimate blend of her decade of brow shaping experience, and her personal life long artistic background. Channing’s goal, day in and day out, is to encourage love and equality by inspiring body acceptance, self care and positive self beliefs. 

Channing has completed over 600 Microblading procedures.