Say goodbye to unwanted facial hair... forever!

Never tweeze, wax or thread again!

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Electrolysis is the permanent hair removal solution you've been looking for!


Sit back and relax in a peaceful spa setting, knowing that your Electrologist has more than 5 years of experience. 

Convenient Downtown Location

Wildflower Beauty Lounge's beautiful new location is easy to get to from any side of Austin.


We understand that unwanted hair can be a sensitive subject. We honor your privacy and treat every client with the respect they deserve.

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Electrolysis is safe!

Unlike laser hair removal, electrolysis is safe to use around the eye area. And it is the only FDA approved process that will keep hair from coming back.


It is truly Permanent!

Electrolysis is the only tried and true permanent hair removal service that has been used for over 125 years all over the world.

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And more precise than laser!

Because Electrolysis is performed on one hair at a time, there's is little to no risk of removing hair that you want to keep!

Are you ready to retire your tweezers? Reserve your introductory consultation today!