Time Isn't a Luxury

Save time with true Hair Removal at Wildflower Beauty Lounge.

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Hair removal is something everyone deals with. Follow the path of least resistance to Wildflower Beauty Lounge for the best Electrolysis in town!

  1. Wildflower Beauty Lounge's easy, 30 minute introduction to Electrolysis saves time on your journey to truly permanent hair removal.
  2. Experience hair removal that is flexible to the minute and the only FDA approved form of permanent hair removal.
  3. With flexible scheduling you can set it and forget it. Call today to have your hair removed and get on with your life!

Electrolysis is the only FDA approved permanent hair removal method and Wildflower Beauty Lounge has the best in Austin. 

Saves Time

Between Wildflower Beauty Lounge's easy, flexible scheduling and the benefit of truely permanent hair removal, Electrolysis has all the advantages.

Truly Permanent Hair Removal

Electrolysis is the only FDA approved permanent hair removal method. Wildflower Beauty Lounge's practitioner is also has years of industry knowledge and practical application in Electrolysis.

Forget About It

With one less thing to worry about, Electrolysis for hair removal is the perfect option to compliment your beauty routine. 

Simple 30 Minute Introduction

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Hair Removal That is Flexible to the Minute 

We all live busy, complicated lives. Simple, down to the minute scheduling is available to get the most out of your Electrolysis Hair Removal sessions with Wildflower Beauty Lounge.

Flexible Scheduling

Beyond by the minute scheduling Wildflower Beauty Lounge will work with you and your schedule to find a good fit. Permanent Hair Removal has never been so easy.

Take the decision out of saving time with permanent hair removal and let us do the rest.