Your Body Deserves the Best

Get the image you want with Electrolysis permanent hair removal.

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Take control of your image and skin with Electrolysis permanent hair removal. Electrolysis is the only FDA approved permanent hair removal method.

  1. Wildflower Beauty Lounge offers Electrolysis in an accepting atmosphere that embraces expression of your true self.
  2. A contemporary space invites you at Wildflower Beauty Lounge to take control with uncheck hair growth. Electrolysis is perfectly safe with our experienced practitioner Sarah Tiffany.
  3. Wildflower Beauty Lounge's modern space matches the confidence that clients have after receiving Electrolysis. 
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You can add a customer testimonial for social proof.

Electrolysis is the ONLY FDA approved solution for anyone who wants permanent hair removal.

Make the right choice for your body and skin.

Find Your Confidence

Give your confidence a boost with the benefits of Electrolysis from Wildflower Beauty Lounge. Our practitioner has the skill and experience to make your appointment seemless.

Take Control

You don't have to worry about maintaining your hair again. Work with Wildflower Beauty Lounge to reach your permanent hair removal goals.


Express yourself to a greater degree. After Electrolysis with Wildflower Beauty Lounge the world will see you in the way you intended all this time!

Accepting Atmosphere

You deserve the same care and respect of every client that has had Electrolysis at Wildflower Beauty Lounge. That is exactly what you will get.

Clean Environment

Just like acceptance, a clean facility isn't a perk. You deserve an Electrologist that maintains and refines their safety procedures for your wellbeing. 

Contemporary Space

At Wildflower Beauty Lounge's new space you will get the benefit of brand new equipment and a place that promotes you shining through!

Contact us so to take control with Austin's best Electrologist for the skin of your dreams.