About Chan Artistry

A Safe & Sanitary Establishment

  • A sealed, certified sterilized, fully disposable hand tool is opened up in front of each client, at each visit. After each visit, the hand tool is disposed of responsibly in a medical grade sharps container.

  • Channing is certified in the prevention of cross contamination of Blood Borne Pathogens as well as fully insured.

  • Our 30 minute in-person consultation gives us a chance to go over your medical history as well as administer a 24 hour patch test to screen for potential negative reactions to the products that will be placed in your skin.

A Comfortable & Interactive Experience

  • Each client is always thoroughly numbed, before and during the procedure.

  • You see the design of your brows and have the chance to make changes before the procedure begins, and Channing will let you take a peek several times throughout.

  • Channing takes a conservative approach to start, after all, you can always add more once you've become more comfortable with the changes we've made.

  • Truly Custom Results

  • At Chan Artistry, no stamps, stencils or golden ratio are used when designing your brows.

  • You are going to wake up everyday to see yourself in the mirror, it's extremely important to Channing that you LOVE what you see.

  • Wether it's an enhancement of your existing brows or making something out of nothing, Channing will make your brow dreams come true!



A safe, clean and comfortable space, conveniently located at the intersection of US-183, IH-35 and US-290 in Austin, TX. Client’s drive from all over the state have Channing transform their brows.