Are you ready for a Brow Transformation?

Your brow dreams become reality with microblading, microshading or a combination of these techniques.
This package includes everything you need to say goodbye to those brow blues.

Easy online forms that walk you through every step of the way,
answer tons of questions and even prompt other important questions you didn’t know you had.

A 30 minute in-person pre-planning session where we dig deep into your dreams and concerns surrounding your brows.
Think of it as a brow therapy session. We’ll choose your perfect pigment as well as perform a product safety patch test.
And you get to leave with a trial run design to try out for the day.

Your transformation session is where the magic happens. We schedule plenty of time, nothing is rushed.
Communication is key, I take painstaking care to make sure that I am understanding your desires.
Every step is explained to you before it is performed and you make the executive decisions before any pigment is implanted.
Any potential changes to the design are shown to you with a pencil before it is done.

A 6-8 week follow up to perfect your design is included! And as always, all numbing and aftercare product is provided.

Are you ready to transform your face, confidence and morning routine?


A Little About Me…

Ever since I was a child I have had a deep appreciation for beauty, and always been a creative creature. So naturally, in this lifetime I have found creating beauty to be what fulfills me most. Among sketching, painting and designing landscapes, my favorite artistic medium is a low maintenance enhancement of the human face. Yes, you read that right. I am talking about semi-permanently tattooing peoples faces. Isn’t that crazy? Hear me out though.

The time someone might spend applying cosmetics to their face every morning may not seem like that much time spent at a casual glance. But if you take a moment to really think about your mornings, you might see them the way I do. Every minute before you get in the car to drive to work is precious. It could mean extra love shared with your partner, children, fur babies or garden. It could mean a new act of self love, like enjoying a good stretch, savoring your favorite beverage as you watch the birds on the feeder, or even a moment of meditation. For those busy bodies it’s a moment to jot down that list of things to conquer for the day.

You can have that, and know that your brows are even when you walk out the door, they won’t come off when you hit the gym later, your children won’t poke fun at you in the pool, and your partner will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly you’re ready to go out to dinner!

Aside from the act of creating beauty, I enjoy the challenge of working with each clients unique features and desires, and the joy I get from knowing how happy it makes my clients.

I am very fortunate to get to connect with my clients in such a special and intimate way. We laugh, vent, cry, give and get advice from each other. It’s just a beautiful thing, I am one lucky lady.

Not sure if you’re a good candidate? Let’s find out!

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